David J.


I've never worked with a personal trainer before, and was a little weary, but Brandon has been incredible and instantly put me at ease. In the months we've been training together I've improved my diet (with Brandon's help), increased my strength, stamina and feel better about where I'm at physically. Brandon takes a genuine interest in your goals and sets a plan to help you achieve your fitness objective. As someone who is recovering from an accident, Brandon has tailored my workouts to help me push myself, but also takes my physical limitations into consideration. It's been a great experience so far. I'm looking forward to continually improving with Brandon's expert guidance. On top of all that, he's just a good dude. If you're thinking about working with a personal trainer do yourself a favor and message Brandon.

Brandon G.


I hired Brandon to be an in-home personal trainer. We have been working together for almost a month now and I could not be happier!! Brandon is a wonderful trainer, is very knowledgeable on all things fitness, and is quite personable. He creates a fun and encouraging atmosphere, and knows the right way to motivate me. I feel very fortunate to have found him. 

It also helps to have a trainer who cares about your progress and doesn’t beat you up if you have a bad week. Sometimes life happens, but at least he’s there to advise you on what you should change if something isn’t working. I think he caught on that I love positive reinforcement, because his encouragement and advice really pushed me to change my lifestyle.

Liandra S.


To give some background, I was a recovering bulimic who obsessed with food and absolutely hated looking at the mirror. I’ve tried personal trainers a couple years of ago (usually the ones that give free sessions with your gym membership), but they didn’t help with building a positive self-image. Finally, I was fed up with my body and my strength (or lack thereof), so I googled for affordable personal trainers outside of gyms with good reviews.

One of the reasons I picked Brandon right away is because of his affordable rate. Seventy dollars per session is a steal, especially when he drives to your location and pays for his own parking at your own appointed time. That kind of service is very helpful for a struggling college student. Not to mention, he quickly identified a good meal plan, and he used the free assessment to really personalize the workouts he gives. 

Monika T.


Brandon is great to work with so far. He is timely, understanding of life circumstances, and very personable and easy to work with. I can tell he cares about my goals as much as I do. He makes himself available by phone, so I feel like my trainer also cares about me outside of the hour I spend with him. Hands down the best trainer I've ever had!

Karen P.


Brandon is an amazing trainer!!! I never would have lost the weight I have, now 35lb's, had it not been for him. The weight loss wasn’t even the best part about his training. I used to hate sports, athletics, or any kind of physical activity, but now I love running. Working out has officially replaced my netflix binges. I am super thankful and happy that I’ve had this experience.

Molly M.


Brandon is super personable and makes you feel comfortable. He really knows what he's doing and pushes you to your limits and really wants to help you achieve your goals. He also is flexible with my changing schedule which is so nice! Super glad I hired him!!