Online Personal Training

Are you looking for a solid workout and nutrition plan but don't have time to meet with a trainer? Then look no further. Online Training may just be the right fit for you! With high quality video workout demonstrations, personalized workout and nutrition plans and ongoing support GOFit4U online could be the best choice. Whether you lead a busy lifestyle or just want to save some money. We have the plan that’s right for you.  

What: Online personal training is exactly the same as in home training except we won’t physically be there with you in person. Everything happens virtually through video chat and video workouts. 

Where: Anywhere! Whether you already have a gym membership, home gym or you have limited equipment. Just let us know the equipment available to you and we will put a program together based off your information. 

Why: No one, will provide you the same quality service within the comfort of your own home or gym at the same affordable rate. 

How: Our process for Online Training is exactly the same as the process for In Home Training. The only difference being all the correspondence will happen via text, call, email, video chat and video workouts. 

Additional Information:

Every week you will receive 2 new workouts with video demonstrations and 24/7 support through call, text, and email. Then, Once every other week we will also schedule a 15min Video chat to talk about training and see how things have been going. As well as, to discuss any changes we may need to make to your programming.